Physical Therapy

Pembroke Pines Physical Therapy

Non-Invasive Treatments to Provide Relief

We provide a range of physical therapy treatments and alternative health care to help your body remain healthy and regain proper structure and function relationships to improve your overall quality of life. At Quantum Integrative Care, we offer hands-on, customized care for every single patient to help with a variety of medical illnesses, auto accident injuries, and other serious conditions. Our holistic approach to treatments and integrative techniques set us apart from most practices. All of our Pembroke Pines physical therapy and medical treatment options are geared toward improving impairments, movement disabilities, physical limitations, and pain.

For help alleviating your pain or problems with movement, give us a call at (954) 440-7895. We have 30+ years of medical experience.

When To Seek Physical Therapy

Our specialists can help evaluate your illnesses or injuries through comprehensive physical assessments of your pre-existing and current medical history, as well as simply listening to your concerns and health goals.

Physical therapy can be beneficial for patients suffering from:

  • Physical disabilities in mobility and function
  • An injury or a procedure causing you acute or chronic pain
  • Pain due to back, neck, spine, arthritis, or hip
  • Pain due to stress
  • Pain due to a car accident injury
  • A stroke or other nerve-damaging condition further impeding your mobility

Physical Therapy Treatments Offered

Our holistic rehabilitation treatments strive to keep you away from the surgery room and instead help with your physical impairments or chronic pain through a myriad of physical therapy and alternative health care options available at our facility.

Our Pembroke Pines physical therapy sessions and alternative health care options may include:

How Many Physical Therapy Sessions Will I Need?

The professionals at Quantum Integrative Care will work with you to decide the frequency and amount of physical therapy sessions you will require. The average patient will most likely need to have between 1 and 3 sessions a week for several weeks. The exact time needed will depend on the nature of the patient's health and the severity of their condition.

To learn more, contact us online about our evaluation of certain conditions, treatment options, or whether physical therapy in Pembroke Pines is right for you. Call us at (954) 440-7895 today.

Insurances We Accept

Patient Testimonials

  • "Committed to Getting Their Patients to Be Pain-Free"

    If you're searching for the right chiropractic office to go to, search no more. I highly recommend Quantum Integrative Care!! The doctors are very knowledgeable, personable, & committed to getting their patients to be pain-free!

    - Yessica G.
  • "The Staff Cared About my General Wellbeing"

    As a trained doctor, Dr. Rodriguez knows the body and gave me a clear path for treatment. At every office visit, the doctor manipulated my back and neck without pain or discomfort. The staff cared about my general well-being.

    - Clara P.
  • "He Takes the Time to Understand Where the Problem Is"

    I have been going to Dr. Rodriguez and his office for many years and I must tell you he is the best. He takes the time to understand where the problem is and works with his staff to help correct the pain and set you up on a wellness plan.

    - Zeshan A.
  • "The Pain is Gone for Good"

    I had a pain in my left shoulder, towards my back, and after many years going to a traditional doctor with no other prescription than pain killers, so I gave Quantum a try. The doctor treated me with chiropractic, acupuncture, cold therapy, and massage.

    - Cesar S.